Who Am I?

Heck of a question. I’m pretty sure my name is Drew Manroe, I live in Iowa, and I’m a longtime writer and editor. I’m also relatively certain I’m a songwriter and musician. This site has a sampling of my work in all fields — for you to read, watch, listen to, clap for, scoff at, scream during, cry whilst or whistle while.

Contact: drewmanroe@yahoo.com

My Music

One day back when I was a naïve, dumb-faced kid, I picked up a guitar, plucked a few notes, let out a heartfelt “Yodel-ay-hee-hoo” — and the rest is history! Hear this history in the making.

I’ve Got You (with The Rugbies)

I’m On An Island

Life’s Clocks

At Least I Can Get Away

I Cannot Answer That

Music Features & Reviews

When I’m not making my own music, I occasionally write about it — so I can tell other musicians what they’re doing wrong.

When the Beatles’ albums were reissued in 2009, I couldn’t help but comment on their notoriously whiny A Hard Day’s Night LP via popmatters.com. Is life really that hard, you big baby Beatles? “Ya know I wooorrrkkk allll daaayy” — yeah, we all do, John.

A popmatters.com feature story on two of my favorite Monkees albums. Now THESE guys had a work ethic! Between filming their TV show and recording some of the best pop songs of their era, it’s amazing they still had time to teach the Beatles everything they knew.

A Rod Stewart concert preview I wrote for The Des Moines Register. While I can’t say I enjoy his music, I thoroughly enjoy his hair.

My review of a concert by Stevie Nicks’ ex-boyfriend. (His name escapes me.)


Over the course of my extremely illustrious career working with clients, Lowe’s has been my biggest account. So without further adieu or a-don’t, here’s some of my work for Lowe’s Creative Ideas magazine.

This feature highlights DIY projects for pets. You’ll love the cute alligator hats our designers created! And don’t even get me STARTED on the elephant hammock!

Along similar lines, this story shows how to make holiday stars from unexpected materials — matches, cardboard boxes and other flotsam (but NOT jetsam — had to draw the line somewhere).

Given all the different ways in which you use a floor, choosing the right one is vital.  I mean, you walk on it, and … and, uh … there’s all the walking, and … well, okay, I guess that’s it. But, ya know, read the story.

Video & Radio

Sometimes at work, I write videos (for people who don’t know how to read). Other times, I write radio (for people who don’t know how to watch).

This seat belt safety PSA for the Iowa Governor’s Traffic Safety Bureau is called “Maniacs,” but don’t worry — it’s not as crazy as it sounds. In fact, the video won a Best in Class local ADDY award. Its failure to win Best in School still rankles me.

Maniacs Radio

The Maniacs video’s less sexy, but still effective, radio sibling. (Think of it as the campaign’s Venus Williams.) Got a lot of airplay here in Iowadaho.

Pella Anniversary Radio #1

Pella Anniversary Radio #2

For Pella Windows and Doors’ 85th anniversary celebration, I set out to write two inspiring, heartwarming radio spots. Instead, I wrote these.

Pella Installation Radio

I dedicate this to everyone who ever had to skip school or miss work because some company told them, “We’ll be at your house sometime between 9 and 6.”

Miscellaneous Advertising

Some stuff I’ve cranked out at the ad factory.

Gateway Market is a restaurant and food market in Des Moines that we did direct mail concepts for. Mmmm, their food sure is delicious. Anyway, while none of our concepts were ever executed — wait, did I mention how delectable their eggs benedict is? — I’m still proud of the work we ate. I mean did. What was I talking about? Lost my train of food. I mean thought. Maybe I should go grab something to eat …

We created these sports-themed flyers for Pella trade expos held at sports complexes. Please don’t read them. I’m begging you. Take your hand off the mouse. Now! I’m not kidding! DON’T YOU READ THEM! I’m warning you!

(.ygolohcysp esreveR)

A direct mail invitation to Benjamin Moore Color Cafes. Speaking of, is it necessary to call it “direct mail”? Has anyone ever said, “Hey, I’ve got a great idea: Let’s hit consumers with an indirect mail piece! We need to make sure it passes through all seven continents before it reaches its recipient. And in the copy, let’s be evasive!”?

In Des Moines, there’s an annual competition in which the ad agency with the best outdoor concept wins a billboard for a year. This was what my artist pal and I submitted. Perhaps the steroids innuendo ruined its chances. Regardless, I flew into a rage when it wasn’t chosen. (Also, I broke out in back acne and hit some very long home runs.)

Last but not first, a poster commemorating the American Ad Federation of Des Moines’ 100th anniversary.